Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Give Me a Pita Break, or Six...

Recently the Ozery company sent me a huge box of their products to try.  Ozery is a Canadian, family-owned company, that began as a bakery in the back of a Toronto falafel shop. 

I've actually loved their pitas for years, and recently I made the girls pizzas on their mini pitas and Big A delcared it "The best pizza crust ever!"

I happen to think their pitas are among the best out there taste-wise, so I was thrilled that they sent a bag of their organic whole wheat variety.  They are soft, thick and fresh, and sturdy enough for even the heftiest fillings.  The only thing to remember about these babies is that they are so big and thick,  that just one clocks in at 280 calories, which is double what you find in most thinner ones.  They also contain some refined flour, which I don't like.

Large Organic Whole Wheat

Ozery also sent us a package of their multigrain flat buns, which are whole grain, and equally delicious.  Unfortunately, at 190 calories, these too give you more bang for your buck than you might want if you are watching your energy intake.  Note, however, that they do offer a smaller, 100 calorie version, which may be more suitable for many people.

Multi Grain Sandwich OneBun

The company also generously included a bag of their apple cinnamon minis.  I already knew Adam loved these, but I discovered the girls do too.  In fact, while Adam managed to limit himself to 2 of  them the evening the box arrived, the girls DEVOURED the rest of the bag for breakfast the next morning.  THE WHOLE BAG!  That was 6 each!!  So clearly these are a winner from a taste perspective, but from a nutrition perspective, I'm not as impressed.  The first ingredient is refined flour (I wish they would ban it, along with trans fat!!), so each one is 70 cals, 2g protein, 3g sugar, and only 1g of fibre.  The girls' breakfast was, therefore,  420 cals, 12g protein, 6g of fibre, all of which is not bad I suppose, but also 18g of sugar, which is not great.


 We were also sent a bag of their cranberry orange breakfast pitas.  Adam doesn't really dig citrus, so he ate one and said, "These are good if you like cranberry orange-flavoured things."  Big A loved them and I had to stop her from eating more, after she quickly scarfed down 2 whole ones.  Little A initially said they were yucky, before she even tried them, but then happily ate half of one.  Again, these are great tasting, if you like the cranberry orange flavour combo, but I am not overly impressed with their nutrition profile.  First off, the first ingredient is refined flour.  Each one has 200 cals, 6g of protein, and 2g of fibre, they also have 10g of sugar.

If you like these - or any of their sweet/breakfast pitas, I would consider them a 'treat' food.

The healthiest thing they sent was a box of their organic spelt lavash crackers.  I've had these before too, and they make a great pairing with cheese, dips or spreads.  This particular variety is 100% whole grain, making them a high fibre, high protein, and relatively low-calorie cracker option.  These get two thumbs up from me!

Lavash Organic Spelt

The company also makes snack foods, and they sent over a bag of their rosemary garlic pita crisps.  Again, these contain some refined flour, and personally, I like to stick to things like fruit, veggies, a handful of nuts, cheese, etc. for snacks and skip this type of 'snacky' food.  But I suppose pairing these with some hummus and veggies isn't an altogether terrible snack option.  I put these out with some hummus on Saturday when we had friends over and everyone loved them, describing them as "Very flavourful." 

Rosemary Garlic

I definitely recommend checking out the Pita Break line of products.  They are available in most grocery stores and health food stores across Canada, as well as some major retailers in the U.S.  Just be sure to check labels because not all of their products are 100% whole grain. 

Disclaimer: The Ozery Company gave me all the products for free, but all opinions on this blog are my own.

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