Monday, July 23, 2012

Recipe Favorites

I thought I'd compile a list of my favorite recipes because I publish so many and a lot have gotten lost at the back of this blog, particularly some that I didn't label very well.

These are recipes that each time I make them I think, "Damn this is amazing!"  If you try any, let me know what you think.

Meat/Fish Dishes

My Malaysian Curried Shrimp and Shirataki noodle dish is an all-time fave of mine (I can't make it for Adam because it has seafood, but I once made it for him with chicken instead and he loved it).

My take on chicken tajine turned out awesome.

You'll love my rhubarb apple butter chicken stew if you enjoy sweet/savoury dishes.  My apple butter chicken and squash dish, is also amazing.

My balsamic-glazed trout is simple but super-flavourful and is always a hit.  I make this one a lot.

Vegetarian Mains

My vegetarian pad thai, which I honestly think beats anything I've had in a restaurant.

You seriously have got to give my decadent-tasting creamy cashew pea curry a try!

My healthy take on Adam's bubby's sweet-and-sour lima beans is devine.

My vegetarian Italian "Meat"balls are easier than you might think to make, and so worth it.

This vegan pizza rocks, you gotta try it!

This is bar-none my favorite soup recipe, and hardy enough to be a whole meal.

Sweet and spicy curried chickpeas and kale is one of my favorite curries to make.

My chickpea apricot stew is another winner for people who like sweet/savoury dishes.

This Penne El Paso pasta dish is a tasty vegetarian or vegan meal incorporating all your favorite tex-mex flavours.

If your kids will eat vegetarian sushi, this recipe maximizes nutrition while still appealing to little ones' palates.  We make these all the time in our house and guests are always so impressed, they think we purchased them from a sushi restaurant!  No one will ever know what healthiness is hidden in them...

My falafel pizzas are definitely a favorite...drooling just thinking about them...

If you've been wanting to try Halifax style donairs, save your arteries and try my vegan version.

Side Dishes/Salads

I make my Italian Rice Pilaf all the time and it's always a hit. Great accompanyment to fish or chicken.

For an amazing twist on your usual sweet potato dish, try this one with Chinese Five Spice.

I am always a sucker for portobello mushrooms, but this salad is seriously amazing.


This simple tahini sauce could make a rubber boot taste good.


For something so healthy, my gingerbread cookie dough balls are crazy-ass good!

I don't think a day has gone by since I first made these strawberry jam-filled mango muffins that Big A has not asked for one!

My apple cream tart was a huge hit with everyone, including the kids and the healthy-food haters.

Don't wait until Passover to make these cookie-dough truffles, they're too good, and were another favorite with everyone.

My cherry almond muffins have to be my all-time favorite muffin recipe, with these pina colada ones as the runner-up.

If you're a sucker for gooey cinnamon rolls, you gotta try this healthier version that tastes just as decadent!

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