Wednesday, July 25, 2012

National Drowning Prevention Week

If you follow the news than you probably already know that there have been an alarming number of drownings this summer across the country, particularly in Ontario and Quebec, which authorities blame on the exceptionally hot weather.  Apparently the heat and humidity encourage folks, who may not necessarily have the proper skills, to take to the water in an effort to cool down.  Water safety is particularly important for children, as drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of four.

The Royal Lifesaving Society of Canada is having its annual National Drowning Prevention Week this week in an effort to decrease these tragedies from occurring.  They argue that in a country like Canada, which has numerous and vast bodies of water, that swimming is an important life skill.

This is certainly how Adam and I see it.  While the girls have been free to chose whatever other recreational activities in which to participate, we have insisted on having both of them in swim lessons since they were 6 months old.

While lessons at private pools and clubs can be quite pricey, most city programs offer affordable classes at public pools. The Ontario Medical Association is actually recommending that swim lessons be both free and mandatory for children.  I agree!

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