Thursday, July 12, 2012


For the first time this week, Big A has started at a summer camp.  Since her daycares have always run through the summer, we've never needed to send her before.  But Adam and I tend to really slack off when it comes to teaching our kids certain things skating and riding a 2 wheeler bicycle.  Kind of odd for a bunch of fitness fanatics.  We did take the girls skating once and Big A couldn't stand up for 2 seconds on her own, and Little A simply refused to get near the ice.  Period.  We've neglected to take the training wheels off of Big A's bike because she can be such a wuss when it comes to boo boos (or what she perceives as boo boos, which means absolutely EVERYTHING!), that we weren't eager to deal with potential falls and scraped knees.  So when my friend told me about Pedalheads camp, which her son adores (he now goes every year), and taught him to ride a 2 wheeler on his first day, I was thrilled to be able to download this responsibility to others.

I don't know what it is about this camp, but it's frick'n magical!  Big A also learned to ride without her training wheels on her first day and she is having a blast.  She is disappointed that the camp ends at 4pm every day and that we only signed her up for 1 week.  We've already decided to send both girls next year.

Pedalheads has locations across B.C., Alberta and Ontario and offers cycling camps for kids of all levels, ages 3-12.