Thursday, April 14, 2011

Over My Head

Oh man, it's been a tough week.

I have been fighting the nasty cold going around and despite predictions for sun and mild temps, the weather, for the most part, has been chilly and damp.

Fortunately, a deep-tissue massage on Monday and some oregano oil have improved my cold. Today I am headache-free, my energy is back and I'm not coughing. I actually feel sorrier for Adam who I woke several times this week with my snoring from the congestion, and once, at 2am by sneezing in his face. Awful, I know!

It is also sunny today and feeling a bit warmer.

I am thrilled that Sunday is my last day of class. I mean last day of classes period. Just my practicum and major case presentation left in this Masters degree!

Instead of feeling some relief, however, I am completely tied up in knots. I think taking on 2 practicums might have been biting off more than I can chew. D, from the general therapy clinic where I will be working, sent me over 14 files to review last week about policies and procedures. I met with S.D., at the fertility clinic yesterday and there are like half a dozen projects I am going to be involved with there, on top of counselling clients and taking care of paper work. I may have to see clients on Saturdays for D., since 3 days during the week are committed to the fertility clinic. I am very excited about these opportunities, but feeling a bit overwhelmed. The time commitment and learning curve with procedures has my mind so consumed that I haven't even had much time to start freaking out about the fact that I will actually be counselling people solo in a few weeks. Ack, their mental health will be in my hands! Such a huge responsibility!!

I am trying to focus on the big picture - I am so close to my ultimate career goal, and this is just for 4 months, then I can carve out my work activities and schedule as I like.

In order to keep myself on an even-keel, I've been going to yoga classes at the JCC twice a week. I dutifully do the core exercises and stretches my physiotherapist has prescribed after my morning workouts everyday, but I'm not doing any more pilates, ab DVDs or teaching any core-training classes. I'm sick of it. And I missed yoga so much. Regardless of whether or not it makes a difference to my back/leg, I enjoy it as an end in itself and it helps me manage stress.

My current stress is also about my stupid leg/back. Avoiding the treadmill, doing the exercises and sitting on a yoga block help, but I continue to fail to make any linear progress. One day is good, the next is bad, etc. And it seems to have little to do with any activity I do or do not do. At least that means I might be able to get back to the treadmill sometime soon. Or not. Who the heck knows. As I suspected, I don't think this is a discrete injury that will heal on it's own or be cured just by strengthening my core through bridges and planks. What I am really worried about is that I will eventually need surgery. Particularly if the origin of the problem is in my back/spine. The idea of back surgery scares the hell out of me!

Well, back to the books, I gotta finish researching for the presentation S.D. and I are going to give at the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society annual conference in September...

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