Sunday, April 10, 2011

Laughing With Little A

The words I would use to describe my youngest daughter are: Monkey, Imp, Mischievous One, Daredevil, Pig-Pen, etc. She is adorably affectionate, regularly showering Adam, Big A and I with tight hugs and lots of kisses. But she really is a rascal.

What is most interesting is that she has a great sense of humour. I assumed that a sense of humour was something you develop, influenced by culture and socialization in combination with one's personality and intellect, but I swear hers' is innate. Long before she could say a single intelligible word, she was funny. And she knew it. And she milked it for all it was worth.

Today, like most Sundays, I got home from teaching my spin class at the JCC, showered and then hung out with Little A while Adam went to collect Big A from Hebrew school.

Little A put on Big A's Elmo bike helmet and then asked me (ordered me) to push her around in the laundry basket. Unfortunately, she got cranky very quickly because apparently I don't do this correctly. Despite my ineptitude at giving her a ride in the laundry basket, I suspected her sudden crankiness was due to being either tired or hungry. She was hungry. When I asked if she wanted lunch, she replied, "Da, lunch, lunch, lunch!"

She started asking for something specific to eat, but I couldn't interpret (her pronounciation is still not great), so I ran through the usual list of things. We settled on a bagel and cream cheese and a plum.

She insisted on sitting at the kitchen table, putting her pink bear in Big A's chair, and her stuffed dog in my chair. Then she asked for bowls for each of them. When I tried to sit in the one remaining chair (Adam's usual spot). She started screaming, "No mommy no, daddy's seat!" My only option was to sit on one of the kid-sized Ikea chairs at the kids' pint-sized Ikea table.

I tried to eat while sitting crunched onto my Ikea chair while Little A sat with her stuffed friends at the big-person table. She gobbled down 3/4 of her bagel, until she decided it was more fun to chew up pieces until they were soggy and then spit it on the floor. I quickly removed the bagel and she moved on to the plum. After eating her plum, she decided to entertain me with her latest antic: sticking her finger down her throat and gagging herself. Of course this makes me nuts, and I started yelling at her to stop, but she thinks this is absolutely hilarious and just does it more. Sigh!

She also loves tickling people and sticking her cold little hands on people's bare skin under their shirts. When we holler, this only makes her scream with laughter and do it more. Little A has finally learned to say "Yes" instead of "Da", however, she reserves the word yes for when I am telling her "No" because she is about to touch or do something she is not allowed. Then she grins at me, nods her head and says, "Yes mommy, yes!"

Although she can really drive us nuts, it really is fascinating to see how clearly she understands the concept of humour. I think I see stand-up comedy in her future...


  1. It's amazing how they can show their sense of humor at such a young age, isn't it? Timmy absolutely slays us with knock-knock jokes. He doesn't get the pun part, but he's still so funny when he tells them!

  2. That's so cute! Does he make up his own jokes?