Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DON'T Bite Your Tongue

I'm not sure what's going on with me at night lately, but my dreams have been even more cuckoo than usual.

Two nights ago I was being stalked by a psycho and the dream was so intense, I woke up soaked in sweat.

Last night Adam and I were getting married. Again. And we were having a huge wedding. I had knowledge that this guy at the wedding - not sure exactly who he was - was going to kill himself the next day. So I spent the whole wedding trying to figure out what I could do to stop him. This must have been an intense dream too because I woke up with my pillow covered in blood (ick!) due to having bitten my tongue badly. Ow!

The girls have been amusing us lately with the things they say. Little A's new favorite thing is, when there is conflict, mess or any other event that may lead to punishment, she points at Big A and says, "Big A do it!". Wow, they learn fast! She is also still trying to pin her flatulence on others. Sunday she ate raisin bran for breakfast and then proceded to break some nasty wind all day. Driving home from my sister-in-laws after she had a playdate with her cousin, Adam said, "Who has been having some serious gas today?", and she replied, "Daddy...daddy's gas."

Big A also cracked me up this morning. She decided to push one of her doll strollers to school with a doll and a bear sitting in it while I pushed Little A in her stroller. She told me that we were the two moms of the kids (Little A, the bear and the doll) and there is one dad. "So we are half gay and half not gay." "What?" I sputtered, laughing. "Just like our neighbours, L, J & R", she explained. I had to explain to her that L & J are married, but R is their nanny, they are not all married to each other. So funny to see the world from a child's perspective!

This morning was rough, but I feel like I'm dealing with these day-to-day parenting challenges better lately. When we got to Big A's school, Little A demanded to be let out of the stroller. I decided we had enough time that I would give her a chance to walk a bit on the way to her daycare. But her motive was really to try and nab Big A's doll stroller for herself. Big A carefully left it under her coat hook before she zipped into her classroom. I tried to explain to Little A that it was Big A's and she wanted it for later. Little A refused to leave and sat on the floor by the doll stroller and howled. Finally, I had to pick her up and strap her back into the stroller. She then hollered and screamed the whole way to her daycare.

I'm getting better at ignoring the looks from strangers on the street when this happens. I remind myself that if they are judging me for having a hysterical toddler, they: (a) have never had a toddler, or (b) don't remember what it is like to have a toddler.

If you disagree because you have the perfectly behaved toddler who never does this...well, bite your tongue!

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