Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting to the Source of the Problem

After a whole day of walking without my MBTs yesterday my feet were rather sore. I realized that I really need to get to the root of all my lower body problems, which I suspect stem from the fact that my pelvis is twisted (something numerous doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists have commented on over the years). My pregnancy with Little A, which is really when the sciatica and serious problems with my feet began, somehow must have worsened it. I've made an appointment with a sports med doctor at a clinic I've been to in the past to get an assessment. I don't think I'm game for surgery, but perhaps there is some other non-surgical solution to getting me untwisted or at least in better biomechanical alignment to alleviate some of these problems. The osteopathy and acupuncture have helped, but they're only band aid solutions I think and I don't want to be living with this the rest of my life.

Ironically, the way my body is designed (I can't run because of my knees, have problems with my feet and hips, etc.), I was probably meant to be an overweight, sedentary person. I am so envious of people who say they can run 5 miles a day or do other intense high impact activities without any pain or injury (There was an article in the Globe and Mail today about a 62 year old woman training for the Ironman!). Oh well, even with the limitations my body impose on me, I am determined to fight my destiny of being a couch potato. One way or another I'm going to keep moving for as hard and as long as I can!

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