Monday, September 20, 2010

Doctor in the House

I am lucky to have a sister-in-law who is a physician (OB/GYN). After reading my blog a few weeks ago she called me with some advice. First, she said I was the last person she could think of who should be restricting my sodium intake since I exercise (and sweat) so much and drink a lot of water. A sports nutritionist I saw years ago had said the same thing. YAY! So I've reintroduced soy sauce, miso, turkey and "veggie meat" sandwiches, and some of my other favs back into my diet, but am trying to have them less often. Adam is relieved, to say the least. He wasn't so thrilled with the low-sodium kick I was on. She also recommended that I try wearing my MBT shoes less often, since they are intended to tighten you hamstrings and calves, she thought they might be exacerbating my sciatica. Hmm, that hadn't occurred to me. The problem is, I have bad feet and most other shoes leave my arches and the balls of my feet sore if I do any walking in them. But I have a pair of ballet flats, that are quite structured (and a heck of a lot cuter than MBTs!) and I've been wearing them a lot more. So far so good. Perhaps wearing my MBTs less often and periodic acupuncture will keep me going.

This morning my mother-in-law and I got to be audience members at a taping of Cityline. Cityline ( is a show that features local experts on topics including home, garden and decor, cooking, fashion, health and parenting. It typically airs on City TV in Toronto at 10am but since we have a satellite, I've been watching reruns from the previous day at 6am from City TV Edmonton when I'm on the treadmill. Unfortunately, they aren't showing it at that time anymore so I can't say when I'll get to watch it again. Anyhow, I've tried for years to get tickets but was only successful a few months ago at scoring these ones. It was interesting to watch how they film it (it's taped, not live) and put the whole thing together. Tracey Moore, the regular host, is on mat leave, so it was guest hosted by Trish Stratus and another woman (I have no idea who she is...). Sometimes they give away incredible prizes and have draws for things like a new washer and dryer. Today we weren't so lucky. My mother-in-law and I walked home with big gift packs of Orville Redenbacher products (I hate popcorn) and a bag of GUM oral hygiene products. Oh yeah, and 2 weeks of unlimited yoga classes at Trish Stratus's studio. That WOULD have been great for me if it wasn't located a 45 minute drive away...

The show airs next week so I have to remember to either tape it or watch it. We were in the front row of the audience. Too bad I look tired and crappy today and I'm having a bad hair day.

Exercise of the Week: Knee lunges

This exercise works the glutes, quads and hams and also requires a lot of core strength to help you balance. If you have a step or bench, you can also place your supporting foot on it while lunging and lifting with the other.

Stand with feet shoulder distance apart (holding dumbells, the heavier the better, in your hands). Step back with your right foot into a reverse lunge then bring that leg in front into a knee lift. Repeat with left leg. Do at least one set of 15 lunges (on each side).

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