Monday, January 15, 2018

SPFX Kids Summer Camp

Summer. Oh summer. While it might be the time of year kids can't wait for, its often a parent's nightmare. If your kids are of school age, then they will have, or soon will, get bored of daycare and you will have to look for other options for your little ones. We still have to work, after all!

In Toronto, getting your kids into their desired camps has become a blood sport. You have to show up early and on a mission. Otherwise, everything will fill up before you have a chance to fill out a registration form. Even if you have the whole sign up thing aced, if your kid is picky, you can end up struggling to find a camp he/she will enjoy.

Well now there is a new, unique option for kids in Toronto, SPFX Kids Camp! It teaches kids aged 9-13 all about special effects makeup, something I think most kids would totally dig (my kids will tell me dig is a lame term no one uses any more, but I don't care!).

SPFX Kids has been created by Misty Fox, a model, single mom, and celebrity make-up artist, who I just happen to know. Big A and her daughter danced together for a few years. Before ever talking to her, I referred to her in my head as, "The mom who looks like a model", which I found out later she was 😝. I remember for the girls' dress rehearsal, she was kind enough to help me with Big A's stage makeup and hair (since the dance school has strict guidelines around this).

Anyways, when I found out she was running this camp, I thought it was a brilliant idea. But I don't want to tell my children about it, because we have already registered them for camps for next summer (I wasn't kidding when I said you gotta be early!), and I think the girls might both be interested in it.

Its held at the esteemed Artscapes Youngplace building, which happens to be just a few blocks south of our neighbourhood.

5 day weekly sessions cost $400+tax, and includes a T-shirt, framed picture, kit and materials which children get to keep. Definitely toward the higher side compared to other camps, but not likely a camp you would put your kid into for the entire summer.

As most parents know, the trouble with a lot of summer camps is they end before the typical workday. SPFX Kids ends at 4pm, but has optional extended attendance until 6pm for an additional fee.

Visit the website to enroll your kids now!

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