Monday, January 8, 2018

One (Bar) Wins, the Other Loses

One of the 'processed' foods I do have in my diet are protein bars. I love them. I am not perfect. I can live with that.

For years I've eaten Quest bars, but lately have been sticking to the protein bars from Costco, because the ingredients and macros are similar, and they are WAY CHEAPER!

I have always wanted to try One bars, but they are equally as expensive as Quest bars, so I didn't think there was any use getting hooked on them. While we were in Florida over Christmas, however, I purchased a few just so I could see what all the fuss is about. I got one in Birthday Cake flavour, which I have heard tons of raving about, and one in Maple Glazed Donut.

The One bars are similar in size and macros to Quest, but overall, the One bars, at least these 2 flavours, are softer and sweeter than the Quest bars I have tried.

I tried the Maple Glazed Donut flavour first and was surprised by how much I love it. Unlike most people, I don't like bars that are too soft, but I really enjoyed this one, and because I love maple flavour so much, I thought it was delicious.

The Birthday Cake one, however, was very disappointing. It was equally soft and pretty sweet, but I found the flavour lacking. It is just kind of bland. Also, the neon sprinkle things on top fell off and made a huge mess while I ate it (okay, perhaps I shouldn't have been eating it at my desk, but seriously, have you ever tried to get sprinkles out of a keyboard before??).

So will I be buying them again? No. Too expensive. But if money wasn't an issue, I would for sure stock up on a few boxes of the donut kind!

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