Monday, January 22, 2018

Grace Foods Product Review

You know I love strong flavours and heat in my food, so, of course, I am a big jerk chicken fan (or jerky chicken as my kids call it). Its such a delicious, aromatic, punchy spice combo, there really isn't anything else quite like it.

So I was more than happy to review some of Grace Foods jerk products. Unfortunately, whoever delivered the package, dropped the box too hard on our front porch, and the bottle of jerk paste smashed. It leaked out of the box and made one heck of a mess! This totally sucked, because aside from having to clean up the mess, I have tried their jerk paste and love it. In any case, I still had their jerk marinade and barbecue sauce to try, and several cartons of their coconut water.

One hint I have for you about something as concentrated as the jerk paste, is that a little goes a long way! For that reason, I was eager to try their marinade, that I could use more liberally in a recipe (recipe is forthcoming). I used it to make a jerk chicken stew, and it was fantastic! Just enough heat, and the perfect amount of jerk flavour. Though I didn't use it as a marinade, more as a simmering sauce, I can tell it would be great as a traditional marinade for meat, or even vegetables or tofu.

The barbecue sauce I have not tried and probably won't. Why? Because like most commercial barbecue sauces it contains a ridiculous amount of sugar. I either buy sugar-free ones, or make homemade. I suggest you do the same.

I am not at all a coconut water fan, and neither are Adam or Little A, but Big A was happy to try it, and declared it great and very refreshing. I also took one of the bottles to work for my clients and it disappeared quickly, with many being thrilled to have it as an option besides our usual offering (plain water).

My personal philosophy on coconut water is that while it may be better than pop, its still unnecessary liquid calories. Unless you are exercising in extreme heat or doing intense endurance activity, water will do you just fine.

So, do I recommend these products? I absolutely recommend the jerk paste and marinade, but forget the bbq sauce, and only drink coconut water if it is truly necessary, otherwise just turn on your damn tap.

Disclosure: Grace Foods sent me these products, but all opinions on this blog are our own.

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