Friday, May 12, 2017

SafetyTat: Product Review

Wanna get your kid inked?

No I am not talking about a full sleeve of down one arm of roses and skulls.

How about temporary tattoos with safety info like with your name/info, allergy information, etc.?

What a great idea huh? Like perfect for going to big, busy events. I think any parent can relate to the panic of thinking you've lost your child somewhere. Though abductions are much less common than most parents think, kids often wander off and simply get separated from their parents.

This idea has been brought to life by SafetyTat. The company offers several types of identifiers you simply stick on your child, either water applied tattoos that last a few days, or stickers that last 2 weeks. They also sell labels for your children's belongings, and we all know how important those are! If I only had a dollar for every thing the girls have ever lost!!

There lots of different designs to choose from that are appealing to kids, so, hopefully they won't object to having them applied. Little A was instantly fascinated with them, and, before we took the girls out to the Toronto airport last night to get them Nexus cards, she insisted on putting one on herself (she pointed out she could easily get lost in a big place like that!). She wrote Adam's cell number on it, and applied it to her arm. She then offered her feedback on it. She loved the cute butterfly design and how it felt on her skin.  Two thumbs up from this monkey!

All their products are latex-free, soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and water resistant.

While Big A, almost 11, is very responsible and street savvy, Little A at age 8 still tends to have her head it the clouds. Though we didn't lose her at the airport last night, a few weeks ago when I took her to the mall, she'd get distracted while we were walking and stop and look at something, and before I knew it, she'd be half way across the mall from me before I even realized she wasn't by my side! She makes me crazy that way, so I'd be happy to stick something on her that says, "Property of Erica Berman". Ha ha!

If you are interested in SafetyTats for your little one, you can purchase them right on their website.

Disclosure: SafetyTat sent me their product to review, but all opinions on this blog are my own.

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