Friday, May 19, 2017

15 Years of Craziness...I mean Bliss

Today Adam and I celebrate 15 years of marriage. Holy Crap! We've been together 17 years. Insane!

Not a day goes by that I don't thank the universe that we somehow found each other way back then. The current dating environment is horrendous. We managed to get together just before the online dating thing was starting, and man, I am so so grateful! What a shit show. I desperately worry for my children.

Of course, I am not just grateful that I found SOMEONE, I am grateful I found a great someone. Without a doubt I love Adam a whole lot more than I did back then. We have both grown up so much and I have watched him become the most amazing and devoted father to our girls. He is beyond hard working both in terms of his career and helping out to run our household. He is absolutely my best friend and I feel very lucky.

I have to work tonight, but tomorrow we celebrate. In our own unique way of course. The girls are spending the night at my in-laws.

I contemplated booking us reservations at a fancy restaurant and scoured the city for an appropriate choice. But to be honest, I find the Toronto restaurant scene has gotten so pretentious, and since I love to cook and eat, I don't get much satisfaction in going to some loud, crowded joint to drop $200+ dollars on a meal so small we have to eat again when we get home.

Finally, I decided to make us dinner but then was undecided on what to make. I thought fish because we both love it, but then I realized we have it a lot. I thought maybe something unusual like duck or ostrich but Adam isn't always on the same page as me with stuff like that so I wasn't sure he'd even be open to that. I know he loves beef, but I am not in the mood. So I went back to fish. First, I thought Black Cod, but its super expensive and not available except at specialty stores and fish mongers and I didn't want to be running around the city for ingredients. Eventually I settled on Arctic Char, which I have never made us because its way more expensive than trout or salmon. Hey, its a special occasion. Side dishes will be cauliflower mash and local asparagus.

Then there was the issue of bubbly. I like prosecco but Adam doesn't really. We both like beer. So I thought it would be fun for us to head over to a local craft brewer in our neighbourhood. The weather is supposed to be nice, so hopefully we can sit at one of their outdoor tables.

For dessert I baked us a spicy ginger black bean chocolate layer cake. Ha, I bet if Adam knew I'd be making him this for our 15th anniversary, he never would have married me! But seriously, I am very lucky to have a partner as devoted to a healthy lifestyle as I am. Also lucky to have a man as totally nutty as I am.

Its also a long weekend here (Victoria Day Weekend), so even though I work both Saturday and Sunday, I am sure we will get out and about with the girls and make the most of it. Have a happy, healthy long weekend!

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