Wednesday, May 10, 2017

11 Years Ago Today I Became A Mom

Today Big A turns 11.  The funny thing is, she can behave unbelievably maturely one minute, and ridiculously immaturely the next. But hey, that's true even of adults. The girl is pretty much the same size as me already and loves to prove her strength by picking me up and walking around. We can share clothes!

She is still very much a kid, yet also growing up so fast. But I can't say "It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital." It actually does seem like a long time ago, especially since its been so long since we had any babies in this house. I barely remember all the diaper changing, breast feeding, nap schedules, etc.

I couldn't be more proud of the person she has become. Big A has more courage than I've ever had. She takes risks, and tries new things enthusiastically. She is confident but also incredibly kind-hearted and empathetic.

This coming Saturday we are taking Big A and a few of her friends to an escape room in town. After that, we are taking them to a 'grown up' restaurant for gourmet pizza and then this place for sugar-filled monstrosities.

This morning I am surprising her with a breakfast of whole wheat croissants with chocolate hazelnut spread, which she is going to LOVE.

Sunday, of course, is Mother's Day. We are going to my in-laws for dinner and during the day I am going to get my gift: an electric spiralizer! Because I have come to hate doing it by hand (keep in mind how much veggies we eat in this house. That's a lot of spiralizing!!).

I may not be a perfect mom (well there is no perfect...but perhaps I am especially IMperfect), but either I am doing something right, or we just got lucky, because this kid is pretty special!

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