Friday, August 19, 2016

Reno Health Challenge

Soooo, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, we are starting home renos soon.  Monday, to be exact.  Its going to be mayhem here!

I thought they would do one floor at a time but we found out just this week they are doing both the basement and entire main floor simultaneously. So we are losing our gym, Adam's study, the kitchen, dining room and living room all at once! OMG folks, this is going to be challenging, 'cause all this family does is cook, eat, exercise and watch television! Now what??

And no, moving elsewhere isn't an option, thank you very much.

After her kitchen reno last year, a friend of mine warned me that we do ours I would have to throw away my healthy eating and cooking habits and just embrace take out and prepared foods like everyone else does. Really? I think not! I am pretty stubborn. Or so I'm told. Between the microwave, an induction hot plate burner, our toaster oven, indoor grill and electric wok. I am going to make it work.  I also think I can some type of workouts done in our bedroom.  To keep myself accountable, I will report my progress as we go.  We were told the renos will take 4 weeks max, but I am sure that means 4 months or something, so we'll see how much stamina we all have.

This weekend is all about clearing out the bottom two floors of our house. I am sure it will be fabulously fun.  Enjoy yours!

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