Friday, August 21, 2015

More Fitness News

Just a few more things from the fitness conference last weekend.

First, I saw a demo of Piloxing, which, when I'd first heard about it, I wrote off as some gimmicky thing.  A fusion of boxing and Pilates, really?  I couldn't picture it.  Well, once I saw it, I realized it's pretty cool.  It looks like so much fun!  With all the punching and kicking, its not so different from a lot of the workouts I already do, but its also got a dance vibe and is done to upbeat music.  Hmm, I think next time I am in the mood to buy a new exercise DVD, I might give this a try!

I did 2 spinning sessions both focused on interval training, but nothing too new to report there.

For the past few years I have been eying the mini trampolines.  I've used them a wee bit in Pilates classes before, but the folks demonstrating the cardio programs using them at CAN FIT PRO every year, just look like they are having such a great time, I really want to try this.  I just have to convince Adam to let me buy a mini trampoline to fit into our home gym...

Lastly, I did a session with LeBarre, taught by Jen Hall, a former dancer with Beyonc√©! She was awesome, and it was awesome! 

Hmm, might also have to convince Adam we can fit an Equalizer in our gym, so that maybe I can get a few of these DVDs too!

I also had a great time at the Trade Show, as always, but for the first time ever (and I've been attending at least since 2000!), I didn't spend a dime.  Nope.  Just snatched up as many free samples as I could ;)

And, so what about all these sports nutrition products, protein powders, etc.?  Well in the case of protein powder, in particular, I would agree that real food is a better choice whenever possible, but if you like protein powder, use them. I find them very convenient especially to get extra protein into my kids.  Nancy Clark's advice, which I think is wise, is that if you are going to use them, buy the more expensive, high quality ones that are not full of crap. 

So this ends my focus on fitness week.  Remember, move it or lose it, so get out there this weekend and shake your bushy tail!

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