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Popcorn Indiana: Product Review

Do you know what one food is most associated with obesity? Potato chips!

Yes, those crunchy little dudes do not do a body good! 

Why, you ask, are they so deadly?

I suspect its because (1) they are very calorically dense (about 10 chips have about the same number of calories as a whole baked potato!), and (2) They are easy to eat lots of (betcha can't eat just one!). So within minutes of opening the bag, you could easily consume half your daily calorie needs.

Lucky for me, I have no taste for them as an adult (not including my 2 pregnancies, but that doesn't count!!).  In fact, I don't really like most foods in the 'snack' category except nuts. 

But as my husband often reminds me, most people are not as weird and really like salty, greasy, fried snacks.  That is certainly true of the other folks in this house!  Big A, in particular, is a total carb-addict and could live on chips, crackers, sweets and bread products.

The one snack food my family absolutely adores that I feel good about serving them, is popcorn.  Popcorn is a whole grain that is high in fibre, and when air-popped and not drenched in butter, is a very low calorie snack.  Go ahead, eat a big bowl!

So I was happy to sample some products sent to us by Popcorn Indiana.

We got a bag of their Fit Popcorn with sea salt and their Movie Theatre Classic Popcorn.  We ate both bags over the holidays, sharing with guests we were entertaining, and in both cases everyone approved.

We all thought they were perfectly crispy and crunchy and not too salty.  Big A preferred the Movie Theatre variety, and you might too, if you are used to heavily buttered popcorn, but the Fit Popcorn is almost half the calories.  You could eat 4 cups and it would cost you just 148 calories! So if you want a snack you can nibble on through a long movie without going over your energy needs, this is a great bet!

Disclosure: The company sent us complimentary products to try but all the opinions on this blog are my own.


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