Monday, August 25, 2014

Some Assembly Required

Love this Noah Cartoon
Oh my goodness, I cannot believe we are nearing the end of August already!  Have you noticed I've hardly complained about the weather lately?  This has been the best summer weather-wise I can remember...ever!  No heat alerts.  No smog. Just loveliness.  All you folks whining that it hasn't been hot enough...suck it.  And just for you, tomorrow is supposed to be 30 Celsius.  Blech!

Nothing too exciting happened this weekend except for our new couches arriving, but that was accompanied with a huge nuisance: they required some assembly.  Couches.  Really?  We had to put together the legs and bases and attach them to the bottom of the couches. 

The guy at Structube assured me it was easy as pie.  Well I guess he didn't realize I hate pie!

The instructions said to use a screwdriver only.  While Adam took the girls swimming at the JCC on Saturday afternoon, I tried to assemble everything.  By the time they got home I had a broken screwdriver, a missing screw and my arm had cramped to the point that I had to stop altogether.  The tendonitis I have had on and off in one of my fingers is on again and I still have a knot in my forearm. 

Despite my efforts, Adam was completely unimpressed with my work.  Although the instructions said NOT to use power tools, Adam went and borrowed our neighbour's electric drill and saved the day.  We now have 2 beautiful new couches.  They'll take some getting used to though.  They are much firmer than the old ones and a bit higher off the ground, so the only thing I don't like is that my feet don't reach the ground.  Just one of the many implications of being vertically challenged.

Sunday I taught spin at the JCC and then went for a 1 hour power walk with one of my buds doing the walk with me...which is in only a few weeks!!!  Still time to make a donation :)

Wednesday we are having a little kick-off party at the Duke of York pub...which just happens to be the place Adam and I had our engagement party 13 years ago.  The only problem is we haven't found a sitter yet for the kids...I am considering just bringing them with...its only 6-9pm, so I think they'll survive if they don't die of boredom.

Have a lovely Monday!

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