Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Labour Day Weekend

Be sure to run when you get off.

Happy Friday! Its a 4 day weekend for us here since the girls' daycare is always closed the last Friday of August.  So as per our family tradition, we're taking the girls, along with Big A's boyfriend, to the Ex. 

I am glad that it is not supposed to be too hot today as that will make it a whole lot more tolerable for me, but hopefully the crowds won't be too bad.  I am grateful that the girls are old enough that Adam and I don't have to go on the rides with them.  My days of roller coasters are long gone, unless I was to hurl all over the place.

Tonight we have dinner with Adam's folks and then a quiet but busy weekend is ahead as we plan for school.  I can't believe it starts next week!  I don't work tomorrow, so its truly a long weekend, which is nice.

Have a happy, healthy holiday!!

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