Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yamchops: Toronto's First Vegetarian "Butcher" Shop!

YamChops owners at the counter
When I heard about Yamchops a few months ago, I was super excited.  I couldn't wait for it to open.  A place in downtown Toronto selling all vegetarian foods, including, house-made veggie-meat alternatives made with all natural ingredients?!?  I was very excited when I finally got there a few weeks ago.

Nope, I am not vegetarian.  I call myself a healthitarian actually.  I like healthy food and plant foods are healthy.  Mostly, that is.  I do like a lot of faux-meat products, but many of them are highly processed and made from poor quality ingredients, so a place that makes their own from natural ingredients is very awesome, in my book.

They sell a variety of veggie burgers and sausages, and some other faux meat dishes like Mongolian beef and pulled pork.  They also sell mock tuna salad made from chickpeas as well as coconut bacon.  Yum!

I was also thrilled to find that they have their own line of condiments, made from natural ingredients.  I got a roasted pineapple chutney and a mango tamarind chutney...neither have any added sugar!  I used the mango tamarind chutney in a basmati rice and salmon dish I made last night and it was delish.  I decided to purchase all 3 varieties of their sausage (apple sage, Italian and Chipotle).  They're pretty good...nicely seasoned and hold together well, but pretty pricey.  I haven't made my own veggie meats in a while and think I'll get back on that bandwagon soon.  I make a pretty mean veggie burger!

So if you are looking for some yummy, healthy prepared foods, check them out.

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