Friday, July 25, 2014

Boo Boos

Oh my, what a week!  Its been good, its been bad and its been ugly.

The good is the girls are still fighting less than they were before and we've had a lot of fun.  The bad is that there have still been a few fights...Monday morning was really bad, but Mondays are always the worst, especially after a great weekend. The ugly was when I was picking up the girls from daycare camp on Tuesday, Big A got on her bike, and within seconds while still on the playground, hit a rock and went over sideways landing on her face.

Wow, there is nothing worse for a parent than watching your child get hurt.  I am not an overprotective parent.  Really, I'm not.  But I do get a bit freaked out about them getting hurt.  I probably tell them to be careful a thousand times a day.  And of the two of them, Big A is usually a heck of a lot more careful than Little A.  This was just a flukey accident because she is an ace bicycle rider.

Fortunately, she was wearing her helmet and didn't hit her head nor knock out her front teeth but she scraped up her elbow and her face.  Basically her chin and the skin above her top lip is totally gashed up and her top lip swelled up huge.  She looks pretty awful.

What's even more disturbing is that the whole thing really affected her.  She refused to ride her bike for a few days and worse, she got very glum and sulky.  I suspect that this girl, who is usually extremely confident, was feeling very embarrassed and self-conscious.  The good news is she is now both ready to get back on her bike and seems to be cheering up now that the swelling has gone down and she has had a few days back at camp and no one has teased her.

Despite the fact that I am a worrier, particularly about things like accidents, in the moment I stay pretty level-headed.  Admittedly, its usually after where I start to drive myself nuts with the what ifs.  Unfortunately, you can only do your best to keep your children safe and locking them up in a padded cell isn't really an option.

Speaking of injuries, my torn ab muscle is better.  I am surprised how quickly it healed given how painful it was last week.  Good though, 'cause now I can go back to doing my usual workouts.

Anyways, this weekend should be great.  Today the fertility clinic is taking staff to a waterfront hotel for a little poolside party.  Should be fun!

I work tomorrow and then Adam is taking the girls to Great Wolf Lodge for a little getaway while I am hosting a party for some girlfriends.  I have been preparing some yummy eats for it so hopefully I will have some great recipes to share.

Have a happy, healthy weekend and stay safe!!

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