Friday, July 18, 2014

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Boy oh boy, its been quite the week!  I had 2 bad sinus headaches, which sucked, but overall, this summer has been the best ever for my allergies, which is weird, since most people say its a particularly BAD year for allergies.  I also had a dentist appointment and my dentist told me I have another cracked tooth and may someday need another root canal.  Ugh!  I know it comes from all my grinding and teeth clenching.  I carry all my stress in my jaw, it's so bad.  I am actually surprised all my teeth haven't shattered.

I also managed to tear an abdominal muscle.  Oh yeah, I do things like that!  If you don't think you need your core for absolutely everything, try getting an abdominal injury.  I have had to totally rejig my workouts.  It f#@&* hurts!

The girls have been fighting a bit more, but not nearly as much as they had been.  I am wondering if we are FINALLY in that temporary sweet spot I've heard about that happens after toddlerhood and before the teenage years.  Oh, who am I kidding, they'll probably be driving me totally nuts again tomorrow.

One thing I love as a parent, is witnessing my children's cognitive and intellectual growth and seeing how they observe the world around them.  Little A has been asking me really big questions lately, like:

"Why did all the cavemen die?" - I had to try and explain evolution

"Who was the first person on the planet?" - Had to explain evolution further, and talk about the creation versus scientific explanation

"Is God air?" - I told her that we don't know, that we can't even know for sure that there is a God, but that different people believe different things

"Can you decide how many babies you want?" - I said that some people can but some can't.  Some get exactly what they want and some get more then they want (through multiples or oops babies), or fewer than they want (due to opportunity or infertility/medical issues).

"How are things made?" She meant EVERYTHING. So I explained that living things grow and develop, are reproduced, while objects are often made by people (we talked about how our kitchen table was made from cutting down the tree, to the finished product).  We talked about where all our food comes from.

I love when she asks these types of things but man, do I ever feel like I am giving her insufficient explanations.  There is clearly so much going on in her head right now!!

Big A also asked a funny question, she said, "Mommy how will I get big boobies like you, like will my nipples fall off and then I'll grow big ones?"  Ha ha!  I had to explain that boobies are not like baby teeth.  Speaking of which, she visited Big A again this week for another lost tooth.

Its Friday and my brain is fried.  Unfortunately, I work tomorrow, but then am going out to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday...depending on how wild and crazy things get, Sunday will probably be quiet.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Speaking of boobies, Little A also made us laugh when we discovered that she calls the two little buttons on her chest, "Nibbles."  She really thought that's what they were called!

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