Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your 2014 Detox Guide

Every morning I decide that today will be the day I do a juice cleanse. And then I eat a donut.

For the next year, you are going to consume nothing but water with lemon juice and cayenne pepper and green juice. 


I don't believe in detoxes or cleanses actually.  Why?  The body is designed to detoxify on its own and basically most people use these absurdly extreme diet regimens in the hopes of compensating for a shitty lifestyle.  Well it don't wok that way folks!  There is no evidence these cleanses do anything except maybe lead to a few pounds of weight loss, which will just be regained once regular habits are resumed.

That being said, there are many things you can do to minimize your risk from external toxins.  So what's the best way to keep yourself as "Detoxified" as possible?  Don't eat donuts.  And here are some more tips.

1. Exercise.  Sweating eliminates toxins naturally.  You also get all the other health benefits that go along with physical activity.  Get to it!

2. Drink lots of water.  Not pop. Not juice. Not coconut water.  Not sports drinks.  Not coffee and tea loaded with cream and sugar.  Water.  From the tap, not a plastic bottle.

3. Limit alcohol.  I tell my clients to aim for no more than 2 drinks/week.  Yes. Just 2 drinks per week!

4. Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies, organic whenever possible.  Frozen produce is good too.  Avoid canned. 

5. Avoid using chemical-laden beauty products.  Look out for phthalates and parabens. 

6. Have your furnace and/or air-conditioner cleaned and serviced once a year.  Avoid using chemical air-fresheners.

7. Change your tooth brush every few months, and brush and floss regularly.  Poor dental hygiene can cause inflammation and all sorts of systemic health problems.

8. Change your sheets regularly and get a new pillow every few months.  Dust, mold and mildew can lead to allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

9. Quit smoking, don't start, and/or avoid second-hand smoke.  Enough said.

10. Limit your use of acetaminophen and other anti-inflammatory medications.  Chronic use and/or overuse can cause liver damage.

11. Eat lots of high fibre, whole foods.  The faster you food moves through you, the better.  Exercise and water helps with this too!

12. Don't wear your outdoor shoes in the house.  You track in all sorts of yucky stuff and potential allergens.  Leave 'em at the door.

There you go, no juice cleanses required!!

Funny Missing You Ecard: I miss you like a person on a cleanse misses their sanity.

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