Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Preventing Brain Drain

Yesterday actually turned out to be a rather mild, sunny, lovely day.  Today, unfortunately, isn't looking so promising so far and apparently there is a lot of snow coming tonight.  But a good night sleep and a great morning workout have left me feeling full of spunk. 

I know I have written about brain health before, but its worth reporting on the most updated research in this area.

Lifestyle affects not only our weight and risk of heart disease, Type II diabetes and many cancers, but also our risk of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. 

Wondering what you need to do to minimize your risk?

Here are some tips based on the most recent research findings, summarized in the Nutrition Action Health Letter for January/February 2014:

  • Keep your blood pressure in a healthy range;
  • Keep your blood sugars/insulin low (stick to foods that are low on the Glycemic Index);
  • Perform aerobic exercise regularly;
  • Train your brain (read, play, learn new skills, socialize, etc.);
  • Drink caffeinated coffee;
  • Get adequate Vitamin D;
  • Get adequate sleep;
  • Eat more fish full of omega-3 fats and berries.
If all of this sounds familiar, it should.  Most of these things are helpful for preventing most chronic illnesses.  There just ain't no gettin' around it.  Popping a vitamin or pill will not correct for a poor lifestyle.

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