Thursday, January 2, 2014

Making Lemonade Out of A Lemon

So, for day 2 of my January 2014 gratitude project, I am going to discuss my gratitude relating to what is actually a pretty awful situation.  This is totally a case of trying to make lemonade out of a real lemon!

You see, just before Christmas I found out a dear friend of mine (a mom of 2, just 44 years old) has ovarian cancer.  I was shocked, sickened, angry, and terrified.  Of course, what I am going through is nothing compared to what she, her partner and kids are going through!

So what am I grateful for?  I am extremely grateful that it was caught early!

Most ovarian cancers are only caught in the later stages because there are often no symptoms early on.

What happened to my friend is that in late November, she had an ovarian cyst rupture.  She woke up in extreme pain one morning and ended up being rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.  As worried as we all were, we were told it was just a fluke thing, the ovary was removed laparoscopically, and she was recovering well from the surgery.  But when her and her wife went in for the post-op review with the surgeon, they were hit with the horrific news that they had found cancer in the ovary.  She was sent for a CAT scan to see if it had spread and spent 6 agonizing days waiting to find out just how serious the situation is.

The good news is that they found no evidence it has spread at this point.  Nevertheless, they have scheduled her for a full hysterectomy this month and they still don't know what the treatment plan will be in terms of chemo, radiation, etc.

While the unfairness of this situation makes me feel furious (she is the most wonderful person in the prime of her life!), I am trying to focus on the silver lining here that it was caught early.  I am also trying to be productive and offer to do useful things to help out the family.  I am promised my services to her as a personal trainer following her surgery to get her back on her feet (once she gets the okay from her surgeon of course!).  In fact, I am thinking that I am going to make this previously, somewhat sedentary woman - into a serious ass-kicking super woman.  She liked that idea!

So that's what I'm grateful for.  That if this terrible thing had to happen to my wonderful friend, at least, it was caught early and I am going to do everything in my power to help her through it.

Live every day like it was your last my friends.  Hug your loved ones tight an be grateful for every breath you take.

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