Monday, January 6, 2014

Florastor Probiotic Supplements: Product Review

Today, Day 4 of my Gratitude Project, I am thankful to Florastor for sending me samples of their probiotics.

When it comes to my tummy, I'm pretty lucky.  I don't have issues with most foods.  I did have serious tummy troubles in high school, which I finally figured out many years later was lactose intolerance.  But even my lactose intolerance seems to have disappeared for good following my pregnancy with Little A.

Given how much fibre I eat, it's actually amazing I don't explode, but I guess my body has just gotten used to it.  So I haven't consistently taken probiotics before despite their many health benefits, because they are quite expensive.

I have had periods of time over the past few years when my belly has been a bit off, and one such period of time was the few weeks leading up to the holidays.

Florastor recently sent me samples of their products, and their arrival couldn't have been more timely.  It was the week before Christmas and on top of my tummy just being a bit off, Little A had the stomach flu, which Adam and I later got a modified version of, while we were in Florida.  When Little A was recovering, I mixed the kids formula in with some applesauce and she gobbled it up.  She was back in fighting form by the time we got to Florida.

I had brought the adult supplement with me to Florida and started taking it there.  My stomach began feeling back to normal by our fourth day there...unfortunately, the next day I came down with a bad cold, but I continued taking it upon our return, and seriously I have never gotten over a cold so quick!  Normally they last weeks for me, but after feeling retched for a few days and thinking this was going to be a really bad one, I improved really within 3 days! I couldn't be happier.  I seriously hate colds...even more than stomach bugs!  I know that sounds weird, but gastro stuff is usually over quickly while colds often linger for weeks.

More and more research is linking intestinal health to immunity and conditions we do not consider to be related to bowel function so it shouldn't be a surprise, but really I am amazed.  Having given up on Echinacea and oregano oil, which have never done shit for me, I think I might just start making probiotics a part of my daily routine during cold and flu season!

Disclaimer: Florastor provided me with complimentary samples, but all opinions on this blog are my own.