Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to Get Your Kids to Wear A Hat: Flipeez

Flipeez Hat - Kitty - - Toys"R"Us
Given that the temps have been very up and down lately and when they are down, they are REALLY down, today I am giving thanks (Day 16 of my gratitude challenge) for the fact that the girls are relatively cooperative about getting all bundled up.  When it's seriously cold, the last thing I want to be doing is fighting with them about hats and mitts.  In case you're not so lucky, you might be interested in this post on a hat for kids we recently discovered.

I am embarrassed to say that Little A is a TV junkie.  Seriously, when we talk about what our dream day would be she always says the same thing: stay home all day, eat treats and watch TV.  Sigh!  We limit screen time but we worry that she still watches too much.  Case in point, she can pretty much recite word-for-word most commercials and infomercials.  She recently told Adam to get a NO NO when he was complaining about being too hairy.

Sometimes though, she finds out about some cool products.  She insisted on getting Stompeez slippers, and soon Big A decided she had to have some too.  To date, they are the only slippers the girls have ever worn more than once. 

While we were in Florida, Little A was watching TV, of course, and she saw a commercial for Flipeez winter hats.  She immediately started begging for one.  Big A started saying she wanted one too.  Essentially they are animal toques with either a tail or ears that flip up and down when you squeeze one of the side flaps.  No batteries required.  The commercial said they were sold at Walgreens, and there is a Walgreens right on the resort where we stay.  Adam and I took a stroll there one day and I decided we would get each of the girls one as a treat, particularly because Little A has been very picky about hats this winter. 

We got them both the purple cat so there would be no fights about who got which one, but they still ended up fighting over which one originally claimed which hat even though they are exactly the same.  Yep, that's how things go in this house.  Anyways, they were an instant hit and they wore them nonstop around Florida despite the warm weather.  Fortunately, they are also happy to wear them here so they were definitely a good purchase.

Just for the record here is what the rest of us would do on our perfect day:

Adam: Go to the gym and then have a very long nap.  Eat pizza and go to bed early.  (Adam's favorite thing to do is sleep which is ironic since he usually wakes up at 4am). 

Big A: Go swimming, watch a movie and eat popcorn and treats.

Me: Get a good workout and then spend the rest of the morning at the spa.  Have late afternoon drinks with friends, get home in time to put the kids to bed, then have a quiet dinner with Adam snuggling in front of one of our favorite TV shows and get into bed by 9pm to read until I fall asleep.