Thursday, May 9, 2013

New York 2013 Part III

Thursday after breakfast, I went and rented a bicycle again.  I rode down to the Port Authority Bus Terminal to check out their farmer's market.  There were really only a few types of apples, veggies and baked goods, but I scored some local, fresh apples for Adam and I who were doing well with vegetables on the trip, but were feeling deficient of fruit.

Next, I pedaled down to the Chelsea Market.  Oh my goodness, I can't say enough about this place!  It is fabulous!!  If you want to find unique gifts and/or are a foodie, you gotta check out this place.

File:Chelsea Market entrance.jpg

I particularly loved Chelsea Market Baskets - where I picked up chocolate and other goodies for my in-laws who were so kindly looking after the girls, The Nut Box - where I got unsweetened banana chips for Big A (who adores them), and Posman Books - where I found each of the girls an amazing kids book about New York.  I also thought the raw, vegan goodies at One Lucky Duck looked fabulous, but it was way to pricey.

After dragging myself out of the market without spending more, I cycling back up towards my grandma's home.  By the time I got to 72nd and York, I was hot and, you guessed it, thirsty.  Good thing I spied $4 beer at Palacio Azteca!  The two friendly women running the restaurant must have thought I was an alcoholic, because I popped in, guzzled two Corona Extras in about ten minutes, and left without eating anything (I'd already picked up a hummus and avocado veggie wrap).  Hey I was celebrating Cinqo de Mayo a wee bit early, and the only thing I know how to say in Spanish is "Dos cervazas por favor."  So dos cervazas I did have.  Ironically, despite my very diminutive stature and the fact that I drink very little alcohol, I have developed quite the tolerance.  Two beers in 10 minutes gets me about as buzzed as Perrier.  I adore drinking beer in warm weather, I just wish alcohol was so bad for your health!

Next I went to visit my grandmother and delivered the second bag of jelly beans.  One of her male attendants came into the room and wanted to talk to me about working out.  He saw me locking up my bike outside, noticed my 'pipes' (I was wearing a sleeveless top) and deduced that I'm an 'athletic type'.  When he found out I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer, he was very excited and wanted to share about exercise.  Hey, why not, I love talking about healthy living!  Obviously.

After my visit, I cycled down to meet Adam at the UN building for our tour.  This was probably the biggest surprise of the whole trip!  I was going along just to spend time with my hubby, who was checking it out as field work for his next book.  But I think I enjoyed it much more than he did.  He didn't really learn anything new, but I thought the whole thing was fascinating.  I definitely recommend doing a tour here if you have the chance.

Later on, I returned the bicycle and after relaxing at the hotel for a bit, we grabbed another quick bite at Fuel Grill and more soft serve from World of Nuts and Ice Cream.  Hey, we're creatures of habit...on a budget!

Stay tuned for our fourth and final New York day tomorrow.

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