Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Product Alert!

While time-outs have never been effective with either of my children - instead of calming them down, they make both of them more hysterical - I have learned that they are very effective for me.

This morning when Little A had a huge screaming fit that lasted over 30 minutes because she didn't like how I cut her toast, I had an overwhelming urge to dump her plate of eggs and toast over her head.  Instead, I left the room and went back to our rec room to finish my strength training, which had been interrupted when she woke up grumpily at 6am.  Although she screamed louder because I left, I was able to let off some steam and give myself a chance to calm down.  When I finally reemerged, I was able to calm her down by removing the plate and giving her a bowl of cereal instead (which she only took 2 bites of and left the rest).  Because Big A was such a challenging toddler and preschooler, I really thought Adam and I would get an easy second child.  It only seems fair!  I know, I know, LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

So thank goodness for small pleasures...

Fiesta Farms is a favorite foodie destination for everyone I know in our neighbourhood.  Independantly owned, it has an amazing selection of healthy and gourmet food products at great prices.  I can't go in there without coming out with my arms full of stuff, even if I only went in to pick up, say, a lemon.

Yesterday I found two new products on their shelves that whet my appetite:

Field Roast sausages, which I have previously never seen in Canada but tried in New York a few years ago, are available in their Mexican Chipotle and Smoked Apple Sage varieties.  Like most commercial faux meat products they are extremely high in sodium, but are made from wheat gluten instead of soy protein, along with fruit, vegetables and seasonings.  I now prefer to make my own veggie meat, but when short on time, these are a good option.

Also, Fiesta Farms is now carrying Almond Yogurt, which is currently on special.  This line of dairy-free yogurts are sweetened with fruit juice and contain beneficial live active bacterial cultures, like many dairy yogurts.

 amande - cultured almondmilk

I am very excited about this product because I now have a perfect non-dairy option to use in meat dishes that require yogurt (since Adam doesn't eat milk and meat together and is lactose intolerant).  Of course, Fiesta Farms also carries coconut milk-based yogurts, which I am dying to try too!

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