Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Donate Naturally

Recently I was offered a gift certificate to try out and then review my experiences with .  It's the new sister company of Life Choices, which makes a lot of products my kids love. 

The company describes itself as follows:

Donate Naturally is an online grocery shopping destination that sells organic and natural groceries, including everything from fresh organic produce, dairy and meat, to beauty, personal and household items (Donate Naturally carries Life Choices Hot Dogs & Mac ‘n Cheese by the way). There’s a special diet and child/infant category too, so Donate Naturally really is a one-stop shop for your grocery needs. The best part is, the school or charity of your choice receives 15% of the value of every order you place. All groceries are priced the same, or less, than your local grocery or natural food store and there is no mark up in pricing to accommodate the 15% donation component. Donate Naturally even offers FREE next-day delivery right to your home, with no minimum order. Donate Naturally is easy and convenient, and you'll also be surprised how far your grocery dollars can go towards helping your favourite cause.

I visited the website and had no problem finding products I love.  The prices weren't bad on most things, but still higher than what I pay at my neighbourhood favorites for health foods and groceries: Fiesta Farms and Herbs & Nutrition. 

Using the $25 gift certificate, I ordered all-natural dishwashing liquid, organic brown jasmine rice, organic whole wheat spaghetti, and a box of organic, whole grain arrowroot cookies.  It was delivered to me several days later.  They also included a complementary Green & Black chocolate bar.  Nice!  In addition to dry goods, they offer fresh organic produce, meat and dairy.

Overall, I think it's a great idea, particularly for people who would buy these products anyways, and a great way for a charity or non-profit community organization to add to their fundraising efforts.  That being said, the prices aren't good enough for me to switch to ordering from Donate Naturally on a regular basis.  But I am definitely going to look into using them as a means of fundraising for my kids school and daycare.

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