Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Hump Day

I don't know why Wednesday gets such a bad rap.  I love Wednesdays!  By Wednesday I feel like the worst of the week is over.  I certainly hope that's the case today, because it's been a very frustrating week so far.

Our phone system has mostly been down since early Monday morning, and our Internet has been coming and going.  Yesterday morning the Bell guy came and 'fixed' it, but the line went dead again a few hours later.  This led him to the conclusion that the problem is being caused by our alarm system, only the alarm company denies this, and claims that 99% of the time when Bell says this, it is really Bell's fault.

All I know is that this is super annoying and I have 2 phone counselling sessions booked for Friday (the fertility clinic sees a lot of patients from out-of-town), and I would much rather do them from home than from the clinic.

I also had another talk booked for yesterday and this time the clients messed up.  Bailey, who arranges these talks for me, sent them about 4 or 5 confirmation emails about it, yet they failed to communicate to either of us that the talk had to be rescheduled because they are currently in the process of moving offices.  So I got all the way down there only to be told it was a no-go.  At least it wasn't my mistake this time!

We're also in the midst of a major heat wave, with temps of around 34 celcius and 800% humidity.  My absolute least favorite weather!  At least Little A has finally relented to wearing summer PJs at night, although she will not give up wearing socks all the time except for the bath.  Weird kid!

The good news is Little A is now showing some interest in potty training, and even made a poop in the toilet at daycare this week, and a few kibbles in the potty at home one evening.  She desperately wants to be able to wear her Dora underwear without a pull-up underneath.  Thank you Nickelodeon!

The bad news is, she has been waking up this week in a really pissy mood.  This morning was brutal.  The only thing that quelled the grumpies were watermelon slushies (i.e. watermelon and ice thrown into the blender).  As you can see, the girls enjoyed them!

Stay cool and wear sunscreen.

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