Monday, June 13, 2011

One Long Weekend

No it wasn't really a long weekend, but it did sorta feel that way.

Friday I was busy counselling, and my in-laws cancelled dinner plans with Adam and the girls because my niece, who was staying with them, came down with the stomach flu. This meant that when I got home around 6:30pm, I had to try and journal all the details of my sessions for the day and log my hours (requirements for school) with the two of them running around like maniacs.

Saturday I was by myself with the girls for most of the day because Adam was at the gym all morning and then at UofT for a party to honour his former PhD supervisor. The morning was great, I took the girls to the Wychwood barns farmer's market, which Big A loves, and they sampled all sorts of treats: soy yogurt, spelt cookies, fresh apples of different varieties and raw/vegan brownies and cookies. Then I let them loose in the playground. Big A had a blast getting into her bathing suit and running around in the water park while Little A had me push her on the swing and see-saw with her.

The afternoon, however, was not much fun. We had had plans to go to my in-laws, but because my niece was still sick, that got blown out of the water. I couldn't find anything interesting to do with the girls. There were no appropriate movies playing and Little A despises going shopping, so heading to the mall was out.

I finally settled on the vegan/raw food festival in our neighbourhood. I figured they had such a great time in the morning sampling similar treats at the market, they might like this too.

But just as Adam headed off for his party, Little A woke up from her nap in a rotten mood and not willing to go anywhere. I gave in and let them watch a DVD and eat a snack. Then to my surprise, they were willing to venture out, so off we went.

What a mistake! The festival was inside, in an non air-conditioned space. It was super crowded and noisy. The girls didn't like any of the free samples they were offered, except for some raw semi-sweet chocolate, and Big A was really whiny. I finally took them to the snack bar where they each started yelling they wanted a baked apple (since when are baked apples raw?). I relented, but was appalled that 2 baked apples cost me $10 and peeved when each of them took one bite and decided they didn't like them. We headed back to the car. Before we got there, Big A suddenly declared she had to pee, like ASAP! Something she could have decided 5 minutes prior when we were still at the festival! I had to let her drop her pants right there and pee in the corner of a school yard. When Little A saw this, she wanted to get in on the action too. I had to battle with her to keep her diaper on.

Once we got back to the car, the girls got into each other's car seats and wouldn't budge. I didn't feel like getting physical with them so I tried to wait it out by patiently standing on the sidewalk and hoping they would get tired of this game. Unfortunately, it delighted them and it was me that gave in. I finally had to threated to remove movie and popcorn privileges for the evening if they didn't each return to their proper car seat.

Yesterday was a much more pleasant day. In the morning I went to the JCC to teach my spinning class while Adam shuttled the girls to and from swimming and soccer lessons. While Little A DIDN'T nap, my friend Ray came over to give Big A a yo yo lesson. When we finally gave up on Little A taking a nap, we headed down to the Bloor Street Festival, which we go to every year. Big A got her face painted, the girls got lollipops and balloons, and Little A, of course, managed to get filthy. At 5:30pm when Adam was heading to his book club meeting, I bought the girls frozen yogurt and then jumped on the subway with them to get home. Public transport is a huge treat for them. They entertained the other passengers on the subway and bus with their conversations and gleefulness. Unfortunately, Little A was so sticky and dirty by this point that I felt like taping a disclaimer to her shirt saying, "Please excuse the appearance of this child, but I assure you she is well taken care of."

The weekend ended with Adam and I watching The Social Network (great film!) and me heading off to my first MRI. As someone who gets sleepy by 9pm, driving to the hospital at 11pm was a challenge! Not even the energy drink I gulped at 9:15pm helped much. But I made it there and back in one piece. My other MRI has been re-scheduled for July 20, so it looks like I still have a few more weeks to wait until there is any chance of getting some answers about my leg pain.

Tomorrow I head off to NYC to see my grandma. Although I love New York, this trip is going to be bittersweet.

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  1. We're hoping to see her when we go up in a couple of weeks. Let me know your thoughts offline... I've been thinking a lot about her.