Wednesday, June 29, 2011

JK Graduation

Today is Big A's last day of JK. They had a little graduation ceremony yesterday which Adam and I did not attend because we were both working and the letter we got from the school said it was SK graduation. Yes, so in other words we are crappy parents. Apparently ALL the other JK parents showed up.


Big A got a great report card and apparently her teacher announced at the ceremony that she is the most organized student in the class and should have a future managing other people's businesses. Okay, I was kind of hoping she'd become a doctor or Olympic athlete, or successful health food chef but I'll take that.

Yet when we asked her what her favorite thing was about the day, she replied, "When we got cake and rice krispie squares and juice.

This is what I'm talking about when I say I worry about this girl folks. I'm envisioning competitive eating in her future instead of med school. She could probably already eat 4-5 hot dogs in a sitting if we let her.

While her reading and writing has certainly improved over the course of the year, she still has a ways to go. Adam has decided we need to meet with her teacher to get some tips about how we can help her more at home. We already read to her daily and she did give some ideas on the report card, but Adam wants more details.

Little A is speaking a bit more clearly (sometimes!) but we've hit a roadblock with her potty training. Even her daycare, that is big on encouraging kids in this area, admitted that she shows NO interest.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that my Little Pig Pen is not overly concerned about rolling around in her own filth. She still cries almost every night when we give her a bath. Unless, of course, we let her drink the bath water.

Little A still has a knack for creating unfathomable messes. Last week I put on the pretty white blouse my mother-in-law got her UNDER an overall dress, reasoning that she could not possibl dirty it that way. HA! When I pulled off her dress that evening I was dismayed to find bright orange stains all down the front of the white blouse!

So what do I see in Big A's future? Garbage collector? Mud wrestler? Gastroenterologist? Hard to say...

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