Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Frozen Treats

I am off to New York today and I'm very excited. New York is my favorite place on the planet. Unfortunately, this is not quite a 'vacation' as the primary reason for going is to see my grandma Ruth, who is in the hospital. Nevertheless, it will be fun to visit my favorite city and see my grandma, uncle and cousins.

I am also excited that I am flying Porter Airlines for the first time ever. It is supposed to be much more civilized that flying Air Canada!!

Unlike our trip to San Francisco, I don't plan on this being a food frenzy trip. For one, I did enough indulging for a lifetime in San Fran, but also I am trying to save my pennies. Since I will be staying at my grandma's apartment (which will be weird since she won't be there), I plan to grocery shop and cook some healthy meals. This is always a blast when I go to the U.S. because I get to try all the many products not available in Canada.

But I don't have much confidence that I can resist a few visits to Tasti-Delite while I'm there...Oh well, we'll see how strong my will-power is!

Speaking of frozen desserts, I found out something miraculous last week: my girls, both of whom ADORE all manner of frozen treats, can be tricked into thinking that frozen bananas are ice cream!

The health food blogger world has been abuzz for a long time now about "banana soft-serve", which is just frozen bananas pureed in the blender until they are the consistency of soft-serve. I tried it out on the girls last week (but called it banana ice cream) and they LOVE IT. I've had to make it for them 4 times since then. Definitely healthier than all the sugar and fat-laden alternatives! Hey, I am going to New York, where you can find just about anything...maybe I'll find a purveyer on the streets of Manhattan selling "banana soft-serve"!

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  1. Yes! Banana soft serve is amazing...I can even get the fiance to eat it as dessert if I put some chocolate syrup or melted chocolate chips on it ;)