Tuesday, May 24, 2011

San Francisco

San Francisco is definitely now my second favorite city in the U.S. (behind New York, of course).

What a beautiful place!

We walked over 8 miles every day!! This allowed us to see a lot of the city and we happily ate our way through it. We were basically out of the hotel for about 12 hours every day.

Day 1:

Breakfast at the famous Dottie's True Blue Cafe - we got there at 7:40am and STILL had to wait 45 minutes for a table!! Yummy whole wheat blueberry pancakes and chicken apple sausage.

Walked across the city to Trader Joe's to get Big A some Clif Bars for Kids, by special request.

Walked over to Ghiradelli Square, into the Maritime Museum and along the waterfront.

Stopped for lunch at Golden Era vegan Vietnamese restaurant - Adam found this ironic since it is located in the Tenderloin neighbourhood.

Walked down to the San Francisco Mall. Did some shopping and then headed over to the Burger Bar for dinner. Turkey burger on whole wheat with swiss cheese, avocado and sauteed spinach with a side of (not so healthy) thick cut fries.

Day 2:

Breakfast at Blu Cafe (vegetarian breakfast burrito in whole wheat tortilla).

Walked over to farmer's market and checked out the shops in the Ferry Building. Amazing! Bought expensive chocolate for my parents and my in-laws.

Walked all the way up the Embarcadero, picked up our Alcatraz tickets and then walked all the way up to Pier 39. Checked out the tourist kitch and bought a ton of fresh fudge (NOT SO HEALTHY but very yummy!).

Walked all the way back to Ghiradelli Square, had lunch at Lori's Diner (out of convenience) (Salad and sandwiches), and then headed back to Pier 33 for our Alcatraz tour.

Went to Alcatraz, came back and walked back to the San Francisco Mall to see "Water for Elephants" at the theatre. Amazing movie!! Picked up take-out Thai and ate in our hotel room (chicken in LOW-FAT pumpkin coconut curry sauce and brown rice).

Day 3:

Walked over to neighbourhood near Alamo Square. Had fantastic breakfast at Kate's Kitchen (blueberry oatmeal pancakes made from organic steel cut ground oats, with almonds and bananas).

Went to Alamo Square to take pics of the Painted Ladies houses. Walked to Rainbow Coop Grocery and gobbled down molasses cookie sandwiches filled with cream cheese frosting (not so healthy).

Met my wonderful cousin Arthur and his partner Steve at Cafe Gratitude (Raw/vegan cafe) for lunch and then walked around Mission district.

Walked back to San Francisco Mall, did some more shopping and indulged in frozen yogurt (sorta, kinda healthy).

Walked back to hotel and ordered in pizza from Paxti Pizza (whole wheat crust and low fat soy, and/or vegan cheese available!!).

Day 4:

Got up at 5am and went to airport for flight home.

What a fab trip. We managed to have no major delays with our flights, the weather was perfect, the scenery beautiful and the food great and healthy (mostly...).

In addition, my in-laws reported that the girls were very well behaved, particularly Big A, who was very helpful and often stepped in to assist them when Little A had her Terrible Two moments.

I'm digging this child-free vacation thing, I think we will have to do it again...

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