Friday, May 20, 2011


If you are wondering why I am blogging while on holiday, its because I woke up before 7am Toronto time, meaning before 4am San Francisco time. I've already done all my rehab exercises at the hotel gym, showered, dressed and am now waiting for Adam, who finally agreed to get up, to finish getting ready.

When I said we have not travelled much because of finances and kids, I also forgot another reason: I HATE FLYING. Its 2011 for goodness sakes, when are they going to invent travel like they had on Star Trek where you can just be beamed somewhere?

Aside from hating delays and waiting in long lines, I also get motion sickness and claustraphobia. Add my discomfort caused by sitting now because of my hamstring and it's not the most pleasant experience for me.

Fortunately I survived the flight yesterday. However, the proper gentleman (i.e. guy with pickle up his butt) sitting beside me likely thought I was a nut case. So what if I ordered 2 white wines and drank them straight out of the mini bottles instead of pouring them into the little plastic cups? So what if I was sitting ackwardly on a yoga block and contorting into strange positions to avoid triggering my hamstring pain (admittedly towards the end of the flight I was almost lying horizontally in my chair with my knees splayed out to the sides as if I was waiting for a gynaecological exam)? So what if I accidently dumped all my tiny pill and toiletries on the floor and Adam and I had to turn ourselves upside down to find them all?

The hotel is nice, however, our non-smoking room smells distinctively of smoke! They are going to find us another room. And no, we are not staying in a youth hostel, we are staying at a Hilton. Paris, you suck!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Adam is finally ready, so out we go to discover what San Francisco is like at 6am!!

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