Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Professional Development 2011

I have January off from school because I was granted advanced standing for the research methodology courses that I already have from my MA and PhD. This gives me time to kick-start the research at Mount Sinai and try to secure my practicum placement. Yesterday I sent off the revised ethics proposal and consent form to Dr. M, so if the ethics board expedites our approval, hopefully we can get going. I also emailed a draft proposal for the miscarriage support group that J.S. from Women's College Hospital asked me to put together. I just hope I hear back from SOMEBODY sooner rather than later.

Because I am on break from school, I decided I should really teach some fitness classes this month and make a few bucks. I get multiple email requests daily to sub classes and I usually ignore them. But last week I agreed to cover a Thursday lunch hour spin class for an instructor at Goodlife who wants to take paternity leave for a few months. I was dreading every minute of it! Then the instructor who regularly calls me to sub her abs/pilates class asked if I would sub her class so she could sub this guy's spin classes. I jumped at the chance. Tuesday and Thursdays are my pilates days anyway and this way I get paid to do one of my weekly rehab's a win-win! Besides, I'm getting sick of all my pilates DVDs and teaching is more fun.

My other goals for this month are emptying our storage room of boxes that have been sitting there, unopened, since we moved to our house (almost 5 years ago!) and to put together the Ikea filing cabinet we bought in December to replace my current one that has pretty much collapsed in on itself. Touching up chipped paint in the downstairs bathroom and basement are also on the list. I suspect this month is going to fly by!

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