Monday, January 10, 2011


Are you an Ikea lover or hater? I'm an Ikea hater but I seem to keep forgetting that. I easily get sucked in by their impossibly cute displays and their even more impossibly low prices. But this time I swear, I am never buying any furniture at Ikea ever again!

Last week I put together the filing cabinet and drawer thingy I got there to replace the pedestal drawer thingy I currently have under my desk, which is falling apart. It took me several hours, but I was very proud of myself. No leftover parts, I pieced together the drawers and the frame, put on the casters, the wheels, everything. Unfortunately, when I was finished, the drawers would not fit into the frame! The whole thing almost went flying out the window.

So today I had to drive all the way back there (30 minutes) to return the stupid thing. Then I had to wait almost another half hour just to get to the service desk since there were only 2 staff helping about 800 people making returns. Thankfully, they accepted the return, no questions asked.

But really, I've had enough. When it comes to furniture, you really do get what you pay for. Even the pieces of Ikea furniture we own that we had Ikea put together for us (this costs extra, of course) are all slightly hinky. So it's not just our own incompetence with building this stuff. Our television cabinet has a drawer that gets stuck and the drawer on the bottom of our china cabinet in the dining room does too. Also, one of the drawers in one of our dressers in our bedroom keeps collapsing, however, Adam claims this is because I have stuffed too many pairs of jeans into it.

Most people I know say this about Ikea furniture, "Its perfectly good until you need to move it anywhere...then it's garbage." Frankly, I think even before you try to move it anywhere it's usually garbage. But the fact is, with me in school again, we are not in a position to go out and buy expensive furniture, which is why our house is currently furnished with a large quantity of Ikea items. It is perfect "student" furniture after all. But I am publicly swearing right now in front of all of you as my witnesses, I am never buying a single piece of Ikea furniture again...except maybe the adorable daybed I saw there today for Little A when she outgrows her crib...

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