Sunday, January 2, 2011

Florida 2010

Well we made it back in one piece. While our time in Florida was wonderful, I can't say the same for the flights there and back. Big A was stellar, she just watched episode after episode of Caillou (thank goodness Air Canada has a tv for every seat where you can choose from a multitude of movies or tv shows...and thank goodness they have lots for kids, it saved us!). Little A, however, refused to sleep so for at least the last hour of both flights she was bananas (keep in mind we didn't arrive in Orlando until 1am!). I imagine everyone else on the plane wanted to push us out the window.

In Florida we had a wonderful time. It was so great to hang out with Adam's parents, siblings and their kids and the kids had so much fun together. We shopped (I found Banana Republic jeans for $30!) and ate (way too much and way too much junk including fudge, cookies and chocolate) and relaxed. In fact, I was uncharacteristically unmotivated to be active. Adam and I got to the gym at the resort once the whole time but I figured it was a good opportunity to let all my blisters get better. Unfortunately, I didn't even have the motivation to do any of my physio exercises so I'm sure I'll pay the price. Fortunately at the gym this morning I didn't feel too bad although I have definitely lost a bit of strength.

Adam deserves a medal for agreeing to go in the pool with Big A the second day we were there when it was only 12 degrees celcius. I thought he was insane and even more insane staying in the pool for 90 minutes. The next day when it was warmer, Big A had to be dragged out of the pool after 2.5 hours! At least she was active while we were on holiday.

The airline sent my luggage to Montreal on the way home (don't get me started on how much I hate airlines, I could rant for hours!), which I am ashamed to admit, brought me to tears. I was sure it was gone for good. I know it is just "stuff" but I had packed a lot of my favorite clothes. Stupid I know, but I have 2 gorgeous sister-in-laws so I didn't want to spend the whole vacation looking like a shlump beside them. Besides, all you women out there know how long it takes to find clothes you think are flattering and you feel comfortable in and I had packed ALL my favorite jeans, which are a staple in my "I am a student" wardrobe. Luckily, they located my bag and sent it to Toronto the next day. Too bad my contact lens solution exploded everywhere!

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