Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Need More Hours in the Day!

Sherma started babysitting Little A this week and it's going great. As long as she doesn't see me (I usually hide in our bedroom to do my school work), she is perfectly happy to hang out with Sherma. But I don't understand why I suddenly feel like I have LESS time. The days are just flying by and I feel like I can never get as much work done as I would like. My new course called Psychological Assessment is not as interesting, so far, as Theories of Personality was. It's very technical and methodological. This one has weekly assignments plus three additional papers. It always seems completely overwhelming at the beginning. Of course, it doesn't help that I have scheduled a million appointments for the next few weeks. Now that I have Sherma I can finally do things like go to the dentist!

Adam and I are also exhausted. Big A has woken us up repeatedly the past 2 nights. I don't know what's going on. Last night she just said she couldn't sleep and she whined and cried for about 2 hours until she finally fell asleep around 11:30pm. Adam was so frustrated, he went to go sleep in the basement for part of the night. I can't wait until my children are old enough to really articulate their true thoughts and feelings because the guessing games you have to play with babies and small children can be so stressful. I was really worried that something was really wrong and she did at one point claim her throat was sore and at another point that her ear was hurting. This morning she seemed fine though. Too bad kids aren't like cars and don't have little lights that come on to tell you what's going on: need oil, air bag malfunction, etc.

Big A has always been fascinated with medicine and doctors. Oddly, one of her favorite television shows is ER. I thought something like that would really frighten her, but actually, she is completely fascinated and it stimulates her to ask us interesting questions. Yesterday she asked us what doctors use to cut people's skin open and for what reasons they would do this. Hopefully this means she will become a famous surgeon (and will support her dear parents in our old age!).

Poor Little A had her 1 year appointment today at the pediatrician's. She had to get 2 needles and have blood taken. She is now 50th percentile for weight and 75th for length. The doctor is completely satisfied with this, so her poor eating is apparently not having a deleterious effect on her growth.

Given my lack of time I may not post again until the end of the week...hopefully by that time I'll feel more in control of my school work load!

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