Friday, July 29, 2016

The Coles Notes on Life

I haven't had a chance to write any personal posts in a while. I still don't have time to write one, so here is what's up in my world, point form version:

1. My practice is going well and I just started developing a collaboration with a women's health clinic that will utilize my psychotherapy skills as well as my fitness background.  Yay!

2. The children are making have made me crazy. They fight with each other constantly. I should buy them both boxing gloves and let them duke it out.

3. I just found out that my root canaled tooth is infected and will either have to be (a) re-root-canaled, or (b) extracted. F#CK!

4. We are about to start renos on our home.  The kitchen will be overhauled, the living/dining room re-furnished, re-painted and just entirely re-decorated.  The basement is being totally redone so that Adam's study will become a proper guest room, which we don't have right now, and the rec room/gym space will be made more functional (rubber gym flooring like at a commercial gym!).

5. The kids are camp surfing, and its super stressful.  I don't find summer any more relaxing than any other time.  Not living in a big, busy city where getting anywhere at anytime is a gong show.

6. I broke my new and favorite water bottle from Lululemon :( Me and glass clearly don't get along.  I wasn't even using it at the time. I grabbed a cutting board from the cupboard and knocked it over.  The lip, which isn't covered in rubber, smashed to pieces.  SH*T!

7. Its a milestone birthday for Adam on Monday, but the dude won't let me do ANYTHING for him (aside from get him his annual giant birthday cookie)!

Its a long weekend here in Canada, and I DON'T HAVE TO WORK! As much as I love to work, its nice to have the weekend off.  Oh, except I do see clients on Monday, which is the holiday.  That's okay, I do love my work!  We also don't have much planned. A playdate for the girls, a trip to Costco, and just hanging out.

Well that's my life, I hope yours is going well.  Have a healthy, happy weekend, whether or not its a long one for you!

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