Friday, June 3, 2016

Goodbye Canada AM!

I am feeling a bit bereft this morning.

Just last night I found out, only because Adam had heard earlier in the day, that my favorite morning show, Canada AM aired for the last time today.  Not much notice they gave viewers!?!

It is the only morning show I've ever liked. I hate the American ones, and don't like the other Canadian network shows either.  But I've always loved to start my day watching Canada AM. I love the various hosts they have and no matter who is on (they've changed a lot over the years) they always manage to have great chemistry, and you can tell they are actually friends off air.

Its a great mix of high quality news coverage as well as human interest stories.  As a matter of fact, Adam has been on the show a few times as a foreign policy expert!

Apparently, they are going to be replacing it with something younger and hipper.  Sigh!

I am neither young nor hip so I'm not so sure I'm gonna like it!

I started watching the show back in 1998 when I was a grad student. I moved into the no longer existing grad house at the University of Toronto. My dorm room was large enough to have a sitting area, so I had a futon, coffee table, and television.  While most of my peers slept in most mornings, taking advantage of a flexible schedule of student life, I was already waking at the crack of dawn to teach fitness classes before my school classes.  Afterwards, I'd come back to my dorm, shower, and then eat breakfast and watch Canada AM.

The show is 43 years old, so its been around just a few years more than I have!

Well, nothing lasts forever, so I'm going to try and keep an open mind about this new hip show...

Have a lovely weekend and stay healthy!!

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