Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gomacro Macrobars

We were thrilled to receive a whole box of Gomacro Macrobars recently.  We got one of, I believe, every flavour, except peanut butter chocolate chip - thankfully because the girls each grabbed immediately for those!

As usual, the girls divided them up on the assumption they were going to eat them all, but then decided to give Adam the apple walnut variety, because that wasn't to their liking.  A few they both wanted, so I cut them in half for them to share, and without their knowledge took a sliver for myself.

The bars are organic, gluten-free and vegan.  What's cool is they are not all the same size nor do they have identical nutritional info.  I say that's cool because I always wonder how other manufacturers make every bar, regardless of flavour, exactly the same calories, fat, etc.?

Gomacro Macrobars range from about 57g to 65g.  Calories range from 200 to 260.  The bars don't have a ton of protein, so I would classify these as a 'snack' or 'energy' bar, but they do also have a few grams of fibre, which is nice.

The ingredients are mostly fruit, nuts and seeds, but they are sweetened with brown rice syrup, which isn't my favorite sweetener, which is also the first ingredient in most of the bars.

Given some of the unusual flavours (almond butter carob, tahini and date, etc.) I wasn't certain the girls would go for them, but they LOVED them. All of them, except the tahini date, which is ironic because that was the flavour I had my eye on.  Fortunately, I snuck a taste before giving it to them, and before they gave theirs to Adam to eat.  As for Adam, he said the apple walnut had good flavour but not for 250 calories (this is because for that many calories Adam wants a bar to have chocolate and taste like candy!).

Aside from devouring the bars, the girls were also thrilled that each one has a ticket for a chance to win a trip to LA to hangout with Ellie Goulding and have a training session with Ellie and her personal trainer. Ellie Goulding is apparently a huge fan of these bars.  This contest is open until August 31st, 2016.

So would I buy them again? Yes, I absolutely would for the girls if - as often happens - they wanted a snack and they were available.  They are definitely better than most other snack bars! As for me, I prefer a higher protein bar if I am going to have one, but these might do in a pinch and they are extremely yummy!

Disclosure: We were sent the bars for free, but all opinions on this blog are our own.

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