Friday, May 13, 2016

Ligol Apples

Ligol apple
I know, I have a bit of an apple addiction. I hoard them, I eat tons of them, I adore them, they are ranked up there as one of my favorite foods.

Not all apples mind you, I am discriminating.  You can definitely keep Macintosh, Granny Smith (except I loved them during both my pregnancies), and red and yellow Delicious apples to yourself.

But nothing gets me more excited than discovering something produced by Mother Nature that I haven't yet particular new varieties of apple.  So despite being very disappointment that the market where I regularly get my beloved Mutsus was out of them, I was intrigued by a basket of a variety I'd never seen or heard of before: Ligols?

Definitely not locally grown, these had stickers saying they are the product of the E.U. European apples? That's unusual.  Normally our apples are either Canadian or from the U.S.  Well, I had to try these, of course. I did a little research and discovered, for the most part, they are grown in Poland.

So what's the verdict? They're yummy! They actually remind me of Asian Pears a bit.  Not nearly as good as Mutsu apples, but nothing compares to them.  Definitely not as good as Honeycrisp or good Fujis either, but pretty good. 

Have you tried a Ligol?  Makes me wonder how many other varieties of yummy apples are out there that I haven't tried!

After some gorgeous weather here, its pouring rain this Friday morning and its supposed to continue all weekend.  We're looking forward to taking it easy with no real plans besides all the girls' usual activities, and the clients I have to see tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend and remember: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!  I wonder if that still applies if its in the form of hard cider...

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