Friday, November 13, 2015

Week of Wonders (WOW)

So let's see...Monday Little A had her usual morning meltdown, only a cookies and cream Quest Bar for breakfast could break her out of it.  Go ahead, judge me for what I feed my kids!

I made it through a dental cleaning without too much suffering and even agreed to go back in a few weeks so my dentist can fix my chipped tooth. But so not looking forward to that!

Monday afternoon when I went to pick up the girls early so they could get ready for Girl Guides and Sparks, Big A melted down because I had my bike with me and dared to suggest she carry her trombone from band class home herself.  We ended up negotiating by having her walk my bike for me while I carried the darn instrument.

After dinner, Little A melted down again because she wanted to just wear pink tights and her Sparks shirt (no pants). Not only do they have a dress code to which this doesn't comply, but it was her official enrollment ceremony.  She demanded I go up and find her some pants, which I did, however, I dared to choose a pair she hates.  Yep, another meltdown.  By the time we got to Sparks, she had lost her voice from screaming. Yes, she is 6.5 years old!

Tuesday morning Big A piddled around in her room for over half an hour after she got up, before finally getting dressed and coming downstairs.  I warned her several times she wouldn't have time for breakfast.  By the time we had to leave for school, she had ONLY eaten one bowl of cereal and was, apparently, "Starving!".  Tough S*#T! She screamed the whole way to school that she was going to die of hunger.  Yes, she is 9.5 years old!

Wednesday I got on a plane to Tahiti.

Kidding! But it did feel like a holiday.  Adam went in late to work and took the girls to school so I got a break. Yahoo!!

Yesterday was back to rainy, crazy windy weather. 

Today is absolutely nuts, just packed with clients and I have to work tomorrow too.  Oh, wait, and I have clients on Sunday this week as well!

So what's keeping me afloat? 

My favorite coffee (steaming hot, first thing in the morning after my shower!)

Yummy lunches like this falafel bowl:


Mmm, with sautéed red onions, beets, fresh cilantro and tahini sauce over cauliflower rice.  I cheated and didn't make my homemade falafel, but used Yves' brand. They're good and don't have any crap in them.
Friends :) Its so therapeutic to catch up with a good friend, and since Adam was working late Thursday and I, therefore, couldn't see clients, I hooked up with one of my besties for tea.  Ah, love her and love how full I feel after spending time with her!

The high of the week was that the hot lunch program at the girls' school is awesome.  The girls love it and Big A ate quinoa and chickpeas, and Little A ate quinoa (she drew the line at chickpeas)! They both ate broccoli that was served too!

I am also trying to convince myself that the children can't continue to have tantrums forever, right? Like, when they leave for university, they'll be past this for sure, right? When they get married?

Have a lovely weekend...relax, enjoy some good coffee and the company of great friends!

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