Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Foam Rolling

This is Why You Foam Roll - see what research is saying and our recommendation on purchasing a foam roller:
Like the idea of being able to have a massage whenever you want...for free?  That's kind of what you get with a foam roller.

These things are amazing.  If you're a runner or serious fitness fiend, you already know about them, but even if you're not, they offer tons of benefits. 

I started using them when I developed hamstring tendonitis after Little A was born.  But now that I religiously do Essentrics after my workouts, I am pain-free.  Nevertheless, I still get tight hips and nothing is better for that then a foam roller.

I recently introduced the roller to some personal training clients of mine who are pretty sedentary and both have quite a few injuries and limitations, which has resulted in a lack of mobility and a lot of tightness and stiffness.  They couldn't believe the relief these rollers offer!

So whether your discomfort is due to strenuous activity, or lack there of, I highly recommend you try one.  The basic stretching techniques are shown above.

They cost about $40 depending on size and foam density, but are totally worth it (despite the fact it probably costs $0.25 to make them!).

Happy rolling!

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