Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Shopping Season!

As soon as Halloween is over, Christmas shopping season begins.  When Black Friday hits (i.e. today!), things really get nuts.

A few years ago, despite the fact that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October, we adopted the Black Friday tradition.  I guess retailers will use any excuse to get us spending.  Honestly, it probably benefits Canadians, like myself, who don't celebrate Christmas, most. 

It used to be we got our shopping jollies on Boxing Day, but now we start opening our wallets for great deals on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday).

I will admit I have been eager to join in on the discounts, and have already gotten a few good ones.  All year 'round I tend to be an online shopper.  In fact, Canadians love online shopping.  That's why Target failed here, because they didn't address that fact.  Is it because we like to avoid going out in bad weather? Or because this is such a geographically huge country and we often have to drive far to get places? Or is it because we are less aggressive than Americans and don't want to elbow (or trample) each other for the prize? An article in yesterday's newspaper actually said this is true!

I definitely prefer online shopping because of the convenience factor, but also because there are all sorts of things I buy online that I just can't find in stores.

Now as any Canadian knows, as online shoppers we have to be cautious.  If you don't ensure you are buying from a Canadian site, you will waste a lot of time filling a shopping cart with items that can't be shipped to you, or items listed in Canadian dollars, that will also have an additional shipping fee and duty charges.  Been there and done that!

I thought I would share with you my favorite Canadian-friendly sites for shopping:

Food/Supplements This place has tons of products you can't find in stores.  Its where I get powdered erythritol, for example, which is a must if you want to make sugar-free frostings and glazes.  They also stock tons of sugar-free condiments, other sweeteners, low-carb bakery items, protein powders and bars, etc.  Some of their prices are good while others are alright, but they always have stuff on sale and that's when you can really score big.  If you spend $100 or more (which isn't hard), shipping is free. This one has very competitive prices and good sales on health foods, supplements and sports nutrition products.  Orders of $50 qualify for free shipping.

Kids' Clothing

My kids (especially Little A!) wear out their clothes, and outgrow them, super fast.  So I refuse to invest a lot in their wardrobes (they get nicer, more expensive stuff from their grandparents).  The best for great deals on everything are:

For Adult Clothing and Investment Pieces

The Bay's regular prices are meh as they transformed themselves some years ago into an upscale department store, however, their sales are insanely good.  But Adam and I have realized that going into the stores for the sales are waste of time unless you get there for opening, which is a pain.  Going online is so much easier, however, stuff still sells out really fast!

We use Bay for shoes, boots, coats, dress clothes and suits.  Shipping is free on orders over $100.

Books/Fitness Equipment/Supplements/Food

Well, it should come as no surprise, but tends to beat out most other places.  I also can only seem to find certain things through them, like my licorice supplement.


I like the offerings from Chapters/Indigo better than what you usually can get at Toys r Us and they often have good sales at

Kitchen Supplies

For small appliances, is pretty good, but also sometimes has good deals.

Kitchen equipment, appliances and housewares are delivered free from on orders over $75.

So there you go! If like me you can't tolerate the lineups and crowds in the stores and malls this time of year, curl up in your PJs, drink a cup of tea, and do all your shopping online.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to all you American readers!!

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