Friday, June 26, 2015

School's Out for Summer

Oh my, its been quite a week!

Tuesday I had to take Little A to the dentist to get some fillings (insert mom guilt here).  At her last check-up they found spots on her 2 molars that are just coming in. "Its not my fault," she told me, "I'm not the one who brushes my teeth!"  So true.

I was a wee bit concerned because when Big A was 4 she had 4 cavities (but at least they were in her baby teeth) and she howled through the whole procedure, the laughing gas did nothing.  But Little A was a total trouper.  She didn't make a single peep, she lay still and the whole thing was over super quickly.  When they stood her up she was in a big of a laughing-gas trance, so they gave her a juice box to stop her from getting too woozy.  Man, though, was she in the best mood.  I gotta get me some of that laughing gas!

This week I also developed gruesome infection in my right middle finger.  How, you ask?  I have no idea. But I will admit I have a bad habit of chewing on the skin around my fingers.  In fact, I do that so much that when my finger started hurting, I thought nothing of it.  Until it was so bad that if I even bumped it, I went to the moon.  Oh boy, this was serious!  I know enough to soak it in hot water and apply antibiotic ointment.  Unfortunately, our ointment expired in 2012.  Typical! So it wasn't until Wednesday when I was able to pick some up.  By Wednesday night though, my glands had swollen to the point where it hurt to swallow or talk.  Thursday I got in to see my doctor and she confirmed we have to treat this aggressively and put me on a course of powerful antibiotics.  She also warned that if it got worse, not better, I have to take myself to the ER ASAP.  HOLY SHIT!

By last night though, I was feeling much better so I am confident the antiobiotics will be enough. This morning I feel even better, although my finger is still very tender and looks incredibly gruesome.

On the positive side of things this week, Little A graduated from kindergarten and Big A finished grade 3.  I can't believe how fast they are growing up!

We have another crazy busy weekend with social events and I have clients both Saturday and Sunday, however, its nice to know that starting Monday, we will be on a more laid-back summer schedule for a bit.  I think we all need it!

 Have a lovely weekend.

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