Monday, May 25, 2015

Page Turners

I have a few more books to recommend, thanks to my book club.  Last month we did The Orphan Train, which was really good.


I am just amazed that such a significant piece of American history is so unknown!  Definitely worth the read.

Even more awesome though, is this book we read for our next meeting, All the Light We Cannot See:

All the Light We Cannot See Cover
Honestly, its just a coincidence that so far we seem to be choosing historical novels, but I don't mind.  I am particularly obsessed with World War II history and fiction set during the war.  Most of the stuff I've read is related to the Holocaust and written from the perspective of victims.  This book is from the perspective of Europeans caught up in the war - 2 youth - one German, one French.  Although its entirely fictional, it did still introduce various aspects of the war experience, and places, that I wasn't previously aware of.  Anyways, even if you aren't interested in the history, this is such an amazing book, you definitely have to read it.

 I know I harp about this, but there is even more research I've read about how reading on a device before bed interrupts your sleep.  So please, buy real books!!

Have a wonderful Monday.

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